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2023: the year in review

This year had a lot of changes. In sad news, my grandmother passed away in April. And, Jake moved out. I’m still getting adjusted to that. Well, not at the moment, as he’s been in for Christmas, but generally speaking.

There were a couple notable business-type milestones this year, too. Prime Design Solutions and Innovative Tomato merged into Innovative Tomato. So, now I have half as much paperwork to do! The past couple months have been pretty busy for me due to the merger, but almost everything is complete at this point, so things should be letting up soon. In nonprofit news, a number of us (seven, in fact) who used to be on the shelter board started a new nonprofit, Seven Hearts Project. So far, we’ve sponsored a couple spay/neuter clinics, but we’ll be expanding services in the future.

It was a pretty good year for music, not only did Foo Fighters and Mammoth WVH release new albums, I also got to see Mammoth WVH in Johnstown. What are the chances?!? There were also a bunch of minor shows in town that I attended and enjoyed. The only other big music act I saw was Alice Cooper. I only got to see one stand-up show, John Cleese.

I didn’t do too much else this summer. I was sidelined for about a month with a pinched nerve in my neck. In other health news, I finally got COVID earlier in the year. I did manage to get to Buttermilk Falls¬†and The Golden Gathering, but that was about it. And, in travel news, we took our yearly cabin trip before Jake moved and I went to visit Jake and Amelia in the fall.


  • book: Fairy Tale
  • series: The Leftovers
  • albums: Mammoth WVH Mammoth II and Foo Fighters But Here We Are
  • movie: I watched a bunch of movies, but had no favorites

There were no major updates made to the house, but I continue to paint everything. I just did my bedroom the other day. I painted it a dark color, which is really cozy. And I painted the living room earlier in the year. I did a couple other minor projects inside and out.

It’s almost not worth mentioning, but I dated someone briefly in the fall. It seemed pretty promising at first, but things didn’t work out, which was disappointing. I shut down my dating profile right before the holidays. I will probably start it up again next month, but we’ll see. I found a new, shorter, hairstyle I’d like to try and if it looks terrible, then I guess I’ll have to grow my hair back out before attempting to date again. Haha.

I’m not sure why, but I feel pretty positive about 2024. But, I’ve said that before, so take it with a grain of salt.