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As is customary, I hosted Christmas Eve dinner. Only my parents and Jake were in attendance. Amelia had a family thing going on and my brother had to work. So, it was a quiet evening. My mom did Christmas Day, so I got to see my brother and his family (including in-laws) then.

Jake is in for a month (!) and my mom wanted to have him and Amelia over for dinner, so we did that yesterday afternoon. I guess that concludes the holidays as I don’t usually do anything for New Year’s (besides cook pork and sauerkraut on January 1).

For years, I’ve been wanting to do a holiday shutdown at the office. The way the holidays fell this year made that pretty convenient. We were already scheduled to be closed Monday and Tuesday, so we closed the office for the rest of the week (with the stipulation that everyone needed to check in with their email a couple times a day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in case any emergencies cropped up). So far, so good. This is usually a pretty quiet week. I’m not sure we will do this again next year, but maybe?