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My birthday was on Monday. Yay. I could do without it at this point, but at least I got some presents. Also, Jake took me out to dinner at Franklin Street Bar & Grill, which was a nice surprise. I had the day off work and did stuff around the house and ran some errands because that’s how I roll.

a man called otto

This was the Americanized film version of the book A Man Called Ove. It was true to the story, but with a little less background info. So, it was good. Tom Hanks played the main character, and he’s always great! I’ve been a fan since Bosom Buddies (back in the golden age of sitcoms)!

My rating: 3.5/5

memorial day weekend

I took Friday off for the occasion, so I had an extra long weekend. I got a ton of stuff done inside and out–including washing/waxing my car, planting the rest of the garden, and fixing up the dog area (I added some pavers to the part right off the porch that always gets muddy and replanted some of the grass that Tilly dug up). I also found time to relax and read, watch a movie, and start an excellent new series (The Last of Us). Not only that, but I went to a picnic at my brother’s house on Sunday.

The weather has been so beautiful. This must be what it’s like to live in Southern California. We could do with some rain, though. I’m tired of watering the garden already.


I liked how this one started off, but then things got weird. It all started when the main character pulled up to her rental house in the middle of the night to find it was overbooked. It didn’t help matters that Bill SkarsgĂ„rd (who often plays villians in horror movies) answered the door. But, I really liked this part of the film. The 2nd half, I’m not too sure about. I would like to know more how the “monster” of the film came about, because it was a little hard to believe.

My rating: 3/5

lady killer

This was an old one from Ed McBain. It’s kind of weird reading something from the 1950s with the lack of technology (one of the characters didn’t even have a TV!). Anyway, this was kind of a standard-issue McBain novel.

My rating: 3/5