Today is Buster’s 13th birthday! To celebrate, he’s going to sleep on the couch all day. Happy Birthday, Buster! Enjoy your nap.

library update

The library project is coming along. I work on it a little almost every evening. Since I last wrote, I applied a finish to the maple banding on the bookcases. The main trim has also been installed for the bookcases and the window seating, as well as the decorative trim on the seating.

The window seating will have storage, so I’m working on the lids for that at the moment. After that, I’ll buy/install the shoe molding and a few other trim pieces and then get things prepped for painting.

I do not have the top of the bookcases figured out yet. Something definitely needs to be done. I’m kicking around some ideas so we’ll see what sticks. Before I do that, I think I’m going to clean everything and reorganize all of the books.


a pandemic thanksgiving

Due to the pandemic, we were not able to get together with extended family today. Much like last year, it was just me and Jake, so I invited Brian to join us for dinner. We ate at 1pm and I am still stuffed! And, I haven’t even had any pie yet. While we missed seeing everyone today, I figure next year has got to be a better year for everyone. Right?


This is another one I saw on one of those “what’s leaving Netflix lists”. I’m not into baseball, but I’m running out of movies and Brad Pitt starred in it, so…

It actually was a pretty good movie. It was based on a true story how the GM for the Oakland A’s used statistical information to build a new ball team after losing some key players. I’m sure it’s a plus if you actually like baseball, but it’s still enjoyable even if you do not.

My rating: 3.5/5

train to busan

This movie was off the rails on a zombie train. Good stuff. If you like zombie movies and don’t mind subtitles (it was produced in South Korea), this one is for you.

My rating: 4/5