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the outside man

This was a book I think I read before from a novelist I used to really like (Richard North Patterson). For whatever reason, I could not get into this book. Maybe it’s because it was about a bunch of rich old white men from the south. It’s difficult to drum up any sympathy for them, you know? Anyway, I have another book from this author (that I’ve also read before). We’ll see how that goes.

My rating: 3/5


I played this game for years (and years) and finally finished it over the weekend. Technically speaking, you can play the game forever, but they recycle old games beyond the first 6000, so I decided to quit once I got to that point. For that matter, it feels like they’ve been recycling old games for a while, so I think it was a good decision. That leaves me with Wordle and Connections. Are there any other good word games out there? Maybe it’s time to pick up Scrabble again…

the gray man

This was an ok action flick. There was plenty of action, but it dragged on forever. I started getting bored at the end. It had one funny unintentional joke–the one character referred to Ryan Gosling’s character as a “Ken doll”. This is funny because Gosling played Ken in Barbie, but this movie came out before Barbie, so I guess he was born to play that role.

My rating: 3/5


Yesterday was my birthday, so I was off work (we do birthdays off as a perk). My parents took me out for lunch to Forno Alto in Altoona. I got a sandwich, which was tasty, but they had an impressive-looking pizza oven there, so I will definitely try their pizza if I go there again. We also stopped in Alto Markets. They had a nice selection of Italian foods. I did not purchase anything, but my mom bought a few items.

Other than that, I didn’t have anything going on. I tried taking a nap when I got home, but the animals were all over me (literally), so that didn’t pan out. After supper, I did a few things around the house and then had my first chiminea fire of the season.

inka kitchen

I used to have pen pals when I was a teenager. It’s like having friends online (but before the internet). Anyway, I’ve only kept in touch with one in particular, Laura. We met two other times, but it has been a while. Around Christmas, Laura suggested that we get together again, and that’s what we did yesterday. She lives in York, so we landed on Chambersburg as a meeting point. We went to a great Peruvian restaurant called INKA Kitchen. They were not busy so we chatted for a while in the restaurant after we were done with our meals and probably for another hour in the parking lot. We’re not going to wait so long to meet again. It was great catching up! Laura also treated me to lunch since my birthday is this week. That was so nice and unexpected. It really made my day.