eric tessmer

The Johnstown Area Heritage Association sponsored a free concert last night at Peoples Natural Gas Park. Eric Tessmer was the featured act. I have been a fan for a while, so I wasn’t about to miss it. It was a great show. As a bonus, he was scheduled to play from 8:30pm-10pm so I didn’t have to stay up past my bedtime.

under the skin

I found this book while rearranging books on the bookshelves and I didn’t think I read it before, so I put it in my queue. It was quite an interesting story. I don’t want to give anything away, but it had a cool twist at the beginning. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, but at least it wasn’t open-ended.

My rating 4/5

walk, walk, walk

As I mentioned previously, the Humane Society changed their operating hours. So, under normal circumstances, I can only volunteer on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays now. I missed the past two Sundays due to other obligations, so I decided to cut out of work early on Friday to walk the dogs (this was my volunteer day for last week). On Saturday, I did the pack walk, as usual. Then on Sunday, I walked dogs again (this was my volunteer day for this week). Whew! I wish I had one of those mileage trackers on my phone. I’ll have to get one of those because I’m really curious how far I walk in two hours. It has to be at least a few miles, right? Most of the dogs walk pretty fast, but there’s some downtime in between dogs. One thing is for sure, I am tired right now!

el camino

This was a follow-up movie to Breaking Bad. Jake and I watched it last night. We were both huge fans of the show. The movie picked up where the series left off and told the rest of Jesse’s story. I don’t want to spoil the story, so I won’t go into any details, but there were a number of Breaking Bad characters in the movie, mostly in the form of flashbacks. Good stuff.

My rating: 4/5

the afternoon

My mom’s cousin Susan and her boyfriend were in town this afternoon, so we all got together for lunch at Bella’s in Windber. Bella’s is basically a pizza place, so Jake and ordered a pizza. It seemed like a safe bet, but I was not impressed with the food. The company made up for it, though.

After that, we stopped at iCare for our annual flu shots. I like to go there in early October, preferably when the Steelers are playing as everyone in Johnstown seems to be glued to their TV sets at that time. That theory has worked out great for us at iCare, but I tried going to Market Basket once during a Steeler game and it was still crazy busy. I don’t think that place is ever not busy.

The day’s not over yet, but I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening doing stuff inside and out.