I’m planning on getting back into music again this winter–guitar and piano. Just for something to do in the evenings since all of my time won’t be taken up by yardwork and gardening.

The piano was my mom’s and she gave it to us after we bought the house because she didn’t play anymore. It had not been tuned for a long time as no one had played it in recent years, so the tuning schedule kind of slipped off the radar. But, it sounded pretty bad (unplayable, in fact) so, I called Larry Faust, who had tuned it in the past, and set up an appointment. As an aside, Larry was Brian’s high school music/band teacher from way back. Anyway, he came to the house Friday morning and tuned it up. It sounds amazing! Makes me want to play again for sure.


the handmaid’s tale (book)

While post-apocalyptic might be my favorite genre, dystopian is my second favorite. This novel really delivered. I only wish I would have read it before I watched the show (which is also excellent). I tend to enjoy books more if I read them before watching their tv or movie counterpart. I’m not sure why. The book definitely had some differences from the show, but it was mostly the same (I could totally picture some of the scenes from the show while reading).

For those of you who might want to read and/or watch, know this: the first season of the series covers the book and the remaining seasons are “made up”.

My rating: 4/5

galaxy note 10

I bit the bullet and purchased a new smartphone. I didn’t want to spend the money, but my six year old Galaxy Note 3 was frustratingly slow to use. It served me well, though–I have no complaints about it.

I’m on a payment plan for just about the rest of my life with AT&T for the new phone (but at least it’s at 0% interest). I was able to negotiate a better rate with my internet provider recently, so that will pay for most of it. The new phone is really awesome, by the way.

the bedroom

I just wanted to show off my new bedroom. I still need to get some throw rugs (which were ordered tonight) and a bunch of artwork (which is a recurring theme throughout the house). The rugs I purchased have teal and gray flowers, so teal is going to be the room’s accent color. Eventually, I’d like to get some throw pillows, too. And, a smaller chair. Buster still refuses to sleep in the room. In his defense, he does have trouble getting around on the slippery floors, so I’m hoping the rugs work out for him.

putting the labor in labor day

I spent most of the weekend trying to get the house back in order. I’m close, but not quite there yet. The most important task, which did get done, was getting the bedroom together. It was nice to sleep in a bed again. Buster is not into the new bedroom, though. “It’s different,” he says.

But, I did get to have a little fun. Jake and I went to TJ Maxx on Saturday morning and then we met up with Judy afterward (she was in town for a baby shower). It was great seeing her and Avery! I definitely do not get to see them enough.

As for the cat situation, we’d been keeping them separated, but they accidentally spent a few unsupervised hours together on Sunday night and were no worse for the wear, so we’re now letting them hang out together while we’re home. Sylvia is still hissing at Sylvester a bit, but there haven’t been any major incidents. We’re going to keep them separated when we’re not home until the weekend. After that, they’ll be fully integrated, unless we run into any issues along the way.