I just wanted to note this here for the record. The other week, I filed for divorce. We got the paperwork back from the attorney and now have to wait out the 90 day waiting period before getting everything signed and returned to the attorney who will submit it to the court. Once approved, that will be that.

p is for pool

One thing that remained when we split the household was the pool table. As much as Brian loved to play, he did not have room for it in his new place, so I put it up for sale. It was for sale for a pretty long time. I guess once people got to the logistics part of the deal, it was too overwhelming. But, I had a feeling that we’d sell it closer to Christmas. And, we did. A family came and bought it on Wednesday–it was a Christmas gift for their son. Brian and Jake helped them to disassemble and load it into their vehicles and that was that.

Jake is repurposing the family room to be his music studio/hangout area. I’m working on moving my stuff out and he’s working on moving his stuff in. He wanted to have a place with furniture and a tv, so that is why he’s not using the “old” music room (it was too small for all of that). I have inherited that room and am using it for storage and gardening. Lots of changes around here.

save me

Lisa Scottoline is branching out from legal thrillers to just regular thrillers. OK, so this book is actually 10 years old, but it’s new to me. Despite the unbelievable plot and other deficiencies (I winced at some of the action, but not in a good way, and many of the characters didn’t have much depth) this book was ok, if not a bit sappy. I mean, I finished it in a month, so it couldn’t have been that bad. The short chapters didn’t hurt matters–it was like reading a Patterson novel.

My rating: 3/5

thanksgiving 2019 part 2

With my family away for the holiday, I still felt compelled to make Thanksgiving dinner because how can you not eat turkey on Thanksgiving? I extended an invitation to Brian and he (and Esme!) joined us for dinner (in addition to providing one of the two turkey breasts I prepared–because it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without five pounds of turkey per person–and bringing the mashed potatoes, which I hate to make for some reason).

We ate at 6pm instead of earlier (we usually do Thanksgiving around 1pm when we have it with the rest of the family) just because that made it easier for me. I didn’t have to get up early and rush through the preparations. The only bad thing was that we were all too stuffed to eat pumpkin pie after the meal. I did have a piece of pie around 11pm, though. Jake fell into a literal food coma around 8:30pm, but managed to get up in the middle of the night to eat a piece of pie.

After dinner we sat around and knitted and talked for a bit. Jake was asleep on the couch when Brian left, but got up long enough to say goodbye and go to his bedroom. I spent the rest of the evening watching sitcoms and knitting. All things considered, it was a pretty nice holiday.