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A couple years ago, I removed the carpet from my bedroom and refinished the pine floors that were underneath. I decided to do the same with Jake’s old bedroom (currently, my office). Unfortunately, the product I used on my bedroom–which I really liked–is no longer available, so I had to go with something different this time (something I had used on furniture in the past, but not on floors). I really liked how my bedroom turned out, so I hope this works just as well.

Having done this twice throughout the house already, all of this is a temporary measure. The pine floors never hold up to the pets’ nails. My bedroom has fared pretty well, but the finish is definitely scratched in spots. Much like the rest of the house, I expect to cover these two rooms in laminate flooring down the road, so I’m hoping this buys me a few years. But, with the exception of some throw rugs, at least all of the carpeting is gone! Carpeting is disgusting.


I’m getting my Swedish Death Cleaning done a little early. The decluttering phase of my life started back when I was still married and we were planning on building a house in the woods. We started getting rid of things so they wouldn’t have to be moved to a new place.

The divorce eliminated a lot of stuff from the house, as well, but somehow there’s still a lot to get rid of. I converted all of my music to digital a few years ago, yet I still had some CDs. Decluttr and eBay took care of that for me recently.

I got to thinking about all of the things that are stored in the attic. We have 4 dog crates in the house and only one is in occasional use (I’m looking at you, Tilly). Will I have more dogs down the road? You betcha, but I’m not really much of a crate person and who knows what size the dog will be anyway (I can always buy a new one), so I listed 3 of the crates on Facebook Marketplace yesterday and sold 2 already! And, as a bonus, I wasn’t murdered.

I got rid of some Easter decorations and will go through the Halloween and Christmas stuff when those holidays arrive. That takes care of half the attic. I’m going to start going through the other half. I can’t even remember what is in there, which means I probably don’t need it.


a man called ove

This was an enjoyable book and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie. It was about a widowed curmudgeon whose personality is transformed by an unintended friendship with a family who moves in next door to him. So, not my usual kind of novel, but it was good.

My rating: 3.5/5

mixology: st. patrick’s day

I went to another mixology class at Penn Highlands. This one had a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Like the previous classes I took, it was a lot of fun, though not terribly illuminating. I’m taking a Cinco de Mayo one next month and I suspect that will be up my alley.

shopping and dinner

Jake and I made our bi-yearly pilgrimmage to T.J. Maxx last night. He got a lot of nice stuff, I got a few things I was looking for. We went to The Fifth for dinner after shopping. It was a fun night. After he moves, we’ll have to continue the trend whenever he’s in town for work.