Tuesday, July 9

cradle and all

This wasn't my favorite James Patterson novel, but at least it wasn't written by one of his "co-authors". I'm not a fan of his non-thriller stuff, either. But, I will give it this much, it didn't take long to read. The story was about two teenage girls who were pregnant and one was carrying the child of Christ and the other the son of Satan. Seriously. So, if that storyline is up your alley, have at it.

My rating: 2.5/5

Sunday, June 30

one third

I just realized today that summer is a third of the way done already. Where does the time go? I'm keeping up with the outside stuff well enough, I guess. But, this just made me realize that I need to wrap up a couple of things. So, I started patching the lower driveway tonight. It really needs replaced, but I'll do what I can with it until that can happen. This year, the house money is being spent on a new roof for the side porch (which is costing way more than I would have expected, despite getting multiple bids) and getting a couple of our larger trees trimmed as they are starting to touch the house and grow into the neighbors' properties. This is costing what I expected, but still not what I'd call cheap.

Friday, June 28

social media blitz

I was named "volunteer of the month" at the Humane Society. A photo of me and my favorite shelter dog, Cinnamon, was posted to their website and Facebook page today, along with a really nice write-up! That was a nice honor and frankly, I wasn't expecting to get it this early in the game.

In other social media news, I won a "guess how many coins are in the jar" Facebook contest held by 1st Summit Bank this week. I won a $25 gift card and the value of the coins in the jar. I'm picking up my winnings after work and they want to take a photo of me, so I guess I'll be on Facebook for that, too.

For someone who doesn't like social media, I'm kind of all over it this week.

Thursday, June 20

tattoo time

I got another tattoo yesterday. It's a knitted skull with knitting needles for crossbones and has a banner that says "knit yarn". It turned out even better than expected! I guess I won't be able to give up that hobby any time soon.

Jake went to the appointment with me because he wanted to talk to Devin and make an appointment for his "mom" tattoo, which he designed. It is based off a tattoo I got two sessions ago, which is a heart with some flowers, which he also designed.  Normally she is booked out for two months, but she happened to have a cancellation today! So, Jake got a new tattoo this week, too. And it turned out awesome!

good omens

I'm sure this was a good book, but I was rather distracted while reading it, so I can't say for sure. But Neil Gaiman is an excellent author, so I'm probably right. I guess I'll have to watch the series to find out.

My rating: 3/5