window washer

I started washing windows last weekend and finished on Sunday. Now all of the windows in my house are sparkly clean! I couldn’t tell you the last time I washed all of the windows. I’m sure it has been years. I also replaced some of the screens that had tears in them. So, everything’s looking pretty good right now.

But, I’m not done with the windows yet–I noticed that all of the windows need to be recaulked outside. I guess this should not come as a surprise as the windows have not been caulked since I have lived here and that stuff doesn’t last forever. The good news is that once it’s done, it apparently won’t have to happen again for a while.

the 4th

We had Friday off work due to the holiday so I did some things around the house before we went to my brother’s new place on Indian Lake for a cookout. He’s right on the lake–living there will be like being on vacation every day! Very nice.

We didn’t have any plans for the actual holiday, but I did get Jake to help me with the hedges–I trimmed and he raked. That went a lot faster than it usually does (especially since his one friend got impatient waiting for him and came over and helped, too).

It seemed like everyone in the neighborhood was lighting fireworks all weekend. At first, it made the dogs bark, but then they settled down after a while. They usually upset Buster, but besides the barking, he seemed ok this year. I don’t think he can hear very well any more.

the lovebirds

I was pretty excited to hear about The Lovebirds since I was a fan of The Big Sick. But, I erroneously thought that it was another Kumail Nanjiani-written story. It was not and therein lies the problem. The story was about a couple who decide to break up and they end up getting involved in a murder mystery. So, instead of going to the police, they of course, try to find the killer. I suppose if they would have gone to the police, there wouldn’t have been a story to tell. This was a comedy, by the way.

My rating: 3/5 (only because I really like Kumail)

resetting expectations

Here it is July and my yard is still not “visitor ready” (not that I anticipate having many–or maybe even any–visitors this summer). Normally, I am able to get a jump on things early in the season, but the rainy spring prevented that from happening. But, really, the main obstacle is that I’m trying to tackle a few projects this year and those are understandably taking longer than simply weeding the yard.

My main project, which is almost complete, was to replant the pond hillside. Originally, I planted some blue cornflowers there and they ended up taking over the whole hillside. This wouldn’t be an issue, but after they flower, the stalks die off and need to be cut back (and this happens multiple times a season). It got to be a bit much. So, I removed most of those and bought some new plants at the Cambria County Conservation District’s annual plant sale. This also caused a bit of a delay as the sale is usually held in April, but had to be pushed back to May due to the coronavirus restrictions. Anyway, I had to weed before I put the plants in and that was a chore. Then I got distracted with my vegetable garden for a few weeks. Then by the time I got back to it, it needed weeded again! After the second round of weeding, I applied mulch, which has cut back on further weeds, but has not eliminated them entirely. This job is almost done–there’s just one small patch left to weed and mulch. Since it is so dry outside, this is taking longer than normal. One way or another, I’m going to wrap it up this weekend.

Another thing I decided to do is remove the English ivy that is growing all over and around the shed. It’s everywhere, really. This is likely to be a multi-year project as that stuff will just keep popping up. It is so dense and very difficult to remove. I’ve been running an edger over it just to cut it into sections. I have removed approximately 1/4 of it, but I haven’t worked on that in a few weeks because I’ve been concentrating on the mulching project.

The last project, which has not even started, is to plant grass in the dog area. Currently the area is mulched and has been for quite a number of years. It has mostly worked out well but after the unusually rainy spring and dogs tracking in wet mulch and dirt multiple times a day, I’ve decided that grass would be a better option. Also, it’s just one more area that needs weeded multiple times in the summer. This project’s going to be tricky, though. I will have to do it in sections so the dogs have somewhere to go as the grass grows. Then, I’ll be back to having burned spots in the lawn, but what can you do?

painted porch

Remember how my side porch was crumbling and then I patched it up? Well, enough time passed so I was able to paint it Monday night (I had to etch and prime prior to doing this). Anyway, it turned out pretty good. You wouldn’t even know it’s falling apart now.