uncut gems

I wanted to like this movie. It starred Adam Sandler in a dramatic role and he did quite well with it. But it seemed like almost every scene had five people talking/yelling over each other and that wore thin pretty quickly.

Basically, the movie was about a NY jeweler with a gambling problem who was trying to pay off his gambling debts. Again, nothing wrong with the plot, but it was annoying to watch.

My rating: 2.5/5

bookcase update

Well, the first phase of the project is done. The window seat is complete and all of the trim is in.

Next up, I have to finish the tops. The tops have visible plywood edges, so something has to be done. One thing I’m definitely going to do is to install crown molding around the top edge and cove molding along the back edge.

As for the rest of the top, I’m thinking tile would look nice. But, I’ve read varying opinions about installing tile on plywood. The safest thing to do would be to install cement board on top of the plywood, but the thought of having to do that does not appeal to me and I’m not sure if that will make the tile too high. Some say you can install it directly on the plywood since it is not going to be walked on, but there could be wood movement and that could cause cracking, which would not be ideal. So, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to do about that.

Another option would be to buy some decorative trim and install it over the visible plywood edges. Then the whole top could be painted. This would definitely be easier and cheaper to do, but wouldn’t look as nice as the tile.

So, I’m torn. I’m going to need to make up my mind soon, though. Before you know it, gardening season will be here and I’m not going to want to be dealing with this project when that happens.

if it bleeds

This is a newish Stephen King book, comprised of four novellas. Three of them were totally new stories and the fourth was a spin off from the Mr. Mercedes series. I thought all four stories were great and really enjoyed reading this book.

My rating: 4/5


Where have I been these past few weeks? Not doing much, apparently.

Last fall, I saw some ads for MasterClass and was intrigued. Since nothing else is going on, I decided to sign up. I have taken a variety of classes–everything from dog training to cooking to fashion to negotiation tactics. The classes are really well done. I think I could watch just about any of them and get something out of it. They provide a workbook with each class, which is nice because I’m certainly not going to remember everything from watching the videos and they will serve as a good refresher on topics that I’m interested in making more progress in.

The service has a year subscription, so I’m trying to fit stuff in as I can because I know I won’t have as much time in the summer for this and there are a lot more classes I’d like to complete. I don’t imagine that I will renew after the year is up, but since they’re always adding new content, I could see myself signing up again down the road.


This was the final movie in my Netflix DVD queue. I’m putting that account on hold until Hollywood starts making movies again. In retrospect, I should have quit one movie before this one.

I saw an ad for this and promptly added it to my queue without doing much research–that was my first mistake. The plot had more holes than Swiss cheese. The special effects were awful. I could go on, but I won’t.

My rating: 2/5