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civil war

This movie looked so good that I went to the theater to see it this afternoon. And, it was well worth the $7! It was about 4 journalists who were reporting on a civil war in America and were on their way to the White House to attempt to interview the president. Why was there a civil war? That wasn’t addressed, so you’ll have to use your imagination. It shouldn’t be hard to come up with some ideas. I’m going to have to go to more afternoon movies at the Westwood Plaza Theatre. There were only 5 of us watching the movie. Just 4 more people than I usually watch movies with. I’m not sure how that place stays open. Hopefully they get a bigger evening crowd.

The one main actor looked familiar, but I couldn’t place him. It turns out it was the same actor who played Pablo Escobar on Narcos. He lost the 40 lbs. that he gained to play that role, so that explains why I didn’t recognize him. Kirsten Dunst was awesome, too. Nothing against her, but that’s not a sentence I’ve ever uttered before. And, Jesse Plemons (the actor I love to hate), played another evil character in one scene of this movie (also known as my favorite scene). But, I doubt he will ever have a role that is more messed-up than Todd on Breaking Bad.

My rating: 4/5

the maid: a novel

This was a pretty good story about a hotel maid who is framed for the murder of a hotel guest. And, I just found out there’s a second book in the series, with a third on the way. I’ll definitely have to check those out.

My rating: 3.5/5


I have to say I wasn’t really into this story. It was a limited series based on a true story of a couple who allegedly killed the woman’s parents and buried them in their yard. That part of the story was fine, but the way they told it was on the experimental side of things. For example, in one scene, the actors walked through the movie sets and started acting out different scenarios of what might have occurred the night of the murder. It was weird. I guess they were trying to be clever, but I don’t like that kind of clever.

If it seems like I haven’t been into much of what I’m watching lately it’s because I’m running out of things to watch so I’m checking out some stuff that I may or may not like.


This was an ok thriller about a woman who is abducted by an apparent serial killer. I give it the lukewarmest of recommendations.

My rating: 3/5

one day

This Netflix limited series was ok. It told a 20-year story of 2 friends (male and female) who met in college. The reason I say it was ok was that they looked the same for the entire 20 years, so that was kind of weird. You’d think they would have done some sort of aging makeup or something. Also, the story wasn’t super compelling. I probably wouldn’t have watched it except for the one main actor. He was on the last season of White Orchid, and I liked him on that show.

My rating: 3/5