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john cleese

Another week, another trip to Greensburg. I must say, they really have it going on there. Last night, there was a night market going on. Traffic was a bit of a nightmare as a bunch of streets were closed and the parking lot I always park in was full (also inaccessible due to the traffic). So, we turned around and went to the parking garage across the street from the theatre, which happened to be reserved for The Palace that night. I’m not sure if it’s always reserved for them or if it was just because the night market was going on. I think we might have squeezed into the last spot (thank goodness for my tiny car) and we were on our way. Luckily, I was aware of the night market before the show, so we arrived with plenty of time to park. I was a little concered we weren’t going to be able to get out of the lot because we were trapped in a corner, but some people let us out, which was nice. Best of all, parking was free! Way to go, Greensburg!

Anyway, my dad was always a big Monty Python fan so my parents wanted to go to this show and they invited me along. I’m not much for Monty Python (or other British humor, for that matter), but John Cleese turned out to be pretty funny. I wasn’t sure what to expect. His daughter, Camilla Cleese, opened the show with some stand-up and then he did his thing for a while. The Monty Python skits they showed between jokes were decidedly less funny, but that’s just me. Then there was a pretty long intermission and they both came out and read/answered questions that were submitted by the audience.