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It took three years, but Covid finally got me last week. I’m not positive where I contracted it because it’s not like I go out a bunch. However, I did go to an event last Sunday and someone else I know was there and is also sick, so that seems like an unlikely coincidence. I guess those are the chances you take.

All, in all, it hasn’t been too bad. I had a scratchy throat on Thursday, but tested negative. On Friday, I felt pretty sick and took another test and that one was positive. But, my symptoms have been improving since then and it’s mostly been a stuffy nose and sore throat, though I did notice yesterday that my sense of taste and smell is a bit muted. Hopefully that will come back soon. It could just be due to the stuffy nose, but I guess time will tell.

So far, Jake has been able to avoid it, though I did ruin his weekend plans of going to Virginia to see his girlfriend.

I’m working this week, but I’m not scheduled to go into the office until after my isolation period is up, though I will have to wear a mask. Yay. I would have called off sick on Friday, but I already had a vacation day scheduled. I wanted to get caught up on some things around the house. So much for that. I did get a couple things accomplished later in the day (after the Tylenol kicked in), but certainly not as much as planned. What bad timing!