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christiansburg, va

I visited Jake and Amelia over the weekend so I could see their new place. I got there around suppertime on Friday, about the time Jake was finishing up with work and Amelia with school. We were all kind of tired so we just ordered pizza for supper and hung out.

Amelia had to study on Saturday, but she was able to give me a tour of the school, which was impressive. I got to meet the canine instructors and I’m surprised I didn’t come home with one!  We also walked around the Hahn Horticulture Garden for a bit before heading back to the house. Before going to the school, we went to the Blacksburg Farmers Market. We almost weren’t able to find a parking spot (it was a football weekend: VT vs Pitt), but after circling around for a while, Jake found one. [Side note: that afternoon, Jake took a look at my brakes which have been making noise. When I got new tires the other week, the tire guys said that my rotors are rusty, but there’s no real problem. However, Jake took everything apart and lubricated the parts. So far, I haven’t noticed any issues, so hopefully the problem is fixed.] Once Amelia returned from school, we went to see her horse and then we came home and Jake cooked supper (with a little help from me).

On Sunday, Amelia had to work and study, so Jake and I were on our own. I wanted to check out Christiansburg Huckleberry Park, so we went over there and walked around. It’s mostly for kids, but they also have a really nice dog park (with artificial turf!). The Huckleberry Trail was nearby, so we went for a walk on it, too. It was a paved trail, my favorite kind. I’d like to know what is up with all this Huckleberry stuff, though. After that, Jake drove around town and showed me the highlights. That evening, we went to Eastern Divide Brewing Company for dinner. It was a really nice visit and I’m happy to see they’re doing so well.

I was a little concerned about boarding the dogs for the first time. And, on my way to Virginia, the kennel called to ask a question and I asked how Ralphie was doing and the response was “he’s not warming up to the staff”. Ugh. So, I got to worry about him all weekend. But, when I picked him up today, they said he was fine after the first day, except for some food aggression, which he does not exhibit at home. But, they were able to work around that and he’s allowed to go back again someday. So, that’s a relief. Tilly was her usual self. If you know her, you know what that means.