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a man called otto

This was the Americanized film version of the book A Man Called Ove. It was true to the story, but with a little less background info. So, it was good. Tom Hanks played the main character, and he’s always great! I’ve been a fan since Bosom Buddies (back in the …


I liked how this one started off, but then things got weird. It all started when the main character pulled up to her rental house in the middle of the night to find it was overbooked. It didn’t help matters that Bill Skarsgård (who often plays villians in horror movies) …

the weekend

My parents treated everyone to dinner (in honor of my brother’s and my birthdays) at the Windber Hotel Saturday night. Not only did we have dinner, but there were presents and homemade cheesecake, courtesy of my mom! After that, I watched Cocaine Bear. Sadly it was my last DVD from Netflix. But, …


This movie was about a life-sized robot doll powered by AI, who becomes a protector for her child companion. Then things go wrong. Very wrong. The movie was ok, but not really my type of horror movie. My rating: 3/5


This was a pretty entertaining action film. It was about a commercial flight that had to make a crash landing on an island in the Philippines, which happened to be an ungoverened island that was run by terrorists. What unfortunate luck! My rating: 3.5/5