Monday, April 27


Despite the fact that every season of the show had the same plot, the series had some hilarious dialog going on--witty stuff. It probably should have ended a season or two ago, though. The last season was a bit of a disappointment (not as funny as the previous ones) and I was ready for it to be over. But, overall, I rather did enjoy watching.

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, April 26

tomato challenge

Have I ever mentioned how much Buster loves tomatoes? Let me count the ways...

Buster has always loved vegetables, but he has a special affinity for tomatoes. In fact, I taught him the "tomato" command wherein he will stop barking and sit for a tomato. Unfortunately, in seven years, this is the only thing I've taught him.

Recently Brian disputed how deep Buster's love for tomatoes is and challenged me to a treat-off of Bil-Jac vs. tomato. And, it was a loaded challenge at that. Buster happens to love Brian more than anything (except tomatoes) and represented the Bil-Jac end of the challenge. I represented the tomato end. Buster stood between us and we held both treats in front of his nose, then we walked away in different directions in order to find out which treat he would follow. The result? The tomato, of course.

Saturday, April 25


This was a long one but it was worth it (at least after reading the Wikipedia entry to fill in the parts I missed). It was a story of the abduction of two girls and the search to find them. Hugh Jackman played one of the fathers and the main investigator was played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Both were great in their roles. It was a pretty complex story, though. You really need to pay attention to the details to understand what's going on (or read the Wikipedia article the next day).

My rating: 4/5

Sunday, April 19

the pond

I've finally had enough of the pond's leaking stream (every year on at least one occasion, it develops a leak that is sometimes difficult to track down and fix), so it was removed yesterday. In addition, we will be rebuilding the waterfall using a waterfall box (since the water has to come from somewhere). While we're at it, I got a new pressure filter that I'm looking forward to installing. My old filter had to be cleaned all of the time and it was a bit of a pain but the pressure filter works more like a pool filter in that you flip a switch and it cleans itself.

Once we get everything running, I'll be able to restock the pond. For some unknown reason, all of the fish but one died last fall. We're going to try the "feeder" fish route (from the pet store) first. If that works out, it will be quite a savings. If not, the one fish that's in there won't be hungry for a few days.

Once all of the above is done, I will need to address the plant situation--some plants are spreading all over the place, the stream area needs some vegetation, etc.

Sunday, April 12


The beautiful weekend was filled with garden activities. All of the plants (an oak tree, two blueberry bushes and a bundle of myrtle) I purchased at the county plant sale are now in the dirt. Additionally, I did some weeding in the garden and planted onions. I'm a little behind on my planting schedule due to the crappy weather, but I expect to get caught up this week, which is supposed to be pretty nice out. Not only that, but I went to a garden seminar on "extending the harvest" at the Sandyvale Greenhouse yesterday. At this point, there's not much you can tell me about gardening that I don't already know, but I did pick up a few tips and some other things to ponder, so it was well worth my time.

st. vincent

We queued this one up for Family Movie Night last night. It was a hit all around. It starred Bill Murray, who played an old crotchety guy who was befriended by his new neighbor, a 10 year old boy. It also had a good supporting cast, including Naomi Watts and Melissa McCarthy. The movie started off on a humorous note, but then switch over to an inevitable dramedy at the end. Still, it was quite an enjoyable watch.

My rating: 4/5

Friday, April 10


Not that this is going to happen anytime soon, but I think I need to work four days a week. I took today off because I had to pick up some plants at the annual Cambria County Conservation District plant sale. While I was out, I also recycled a bunch of electronics at the Cambria County Solid Waste Authority, went to the bank, dropped off my Mom's Easter plant (since I did not see her on Easter) and picked up a couple of prescriptions at Richland Vet.

After lunch, I took an hour-long nap, which was welcome. I did some cleaning and knitting and have pizza dough rising in the kitchen for supper. I also potted a belated Christmas present that arrived today (a lime tree which couldn't be shipped until now because it's been too cold). I've also been doing laundry in between all of my other activities.

All this and it's not even 6pm yet! Who knows what the evening will bring?!?

Saturday, April 4

it's that time

The weather was finally decent enough to get outside for a couple of minutes the other evening. I removed the straw from the strawberry beds and the netting from the pond. I thought all of my fish died last fall, but there was one swimming around in there. I guess that is a good sign--I thought there was a problem with the pond water.

There is so much to do outside, but it looks like there are going to be some nice days this month, so I guess I'll get things done then.