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the pond

I’ve finally had enough of the pond’s leaking stream (every year on at least one occasion, it develops a leak that is sometimes difficult to track down and fix), so it was removed yesterday. In addition, we will be rebuilding the waterfall using a waterfall box (since the water has to come from somewhere). While we’re at it, I got a new pressure filter that I’m looking forward to installing. My old filter had to be cleaned all of the time and it was a bit of a pain but the pressure filter works more like a pool filter in that you flip a switch and it cleans itself.

Once we get everything running, I’ll be able to restock the pond. For some unknown reason, all of the fish but one died last fall. We’re going to try the “feeder” fish route (from the pet store) first. If that works out, it will be quite a savings. If not, the one fish that’s in there won’t be hungry for a few days.

Once all of the above is done, I will need to address the plant situation–some plants are spreading all over the place, the stream area needs some vegetation, etc.