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tomato challenge

Have I ever mentioned how much Buster loves tomatoes? Let me count the ways…

Buster has always loved vegetables, but he has a special affinity for tomatoes. In fact, I taught him the “tomato” command wherein he will stop barking and sit for a tomato. Unfortunately, in seven years, this is the only thing I’ve taught him.

Recently Brian disputed how deep Buster’s love for tomatoes is and challenged me to a treat-off of Bil-Jac vs. tomato. And, it was a loaded challenge at that. Buster happens to love Brian more than anything (except tomatoes) and represented the Bil-Jac end of the challenge. I represented the tomato end. Buster stood between us and we held both treats in front of his nose, then we walked away in different directions in order to find out which treat he would follow. The result? The tomato, of course.