Sunday, March 29


This movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, was acted and shot well, but I just couldn't get past the lack of redemption, hence my rating. Brian, on the other hand, really liked it. He even stayed awake till the end.

In other weekend news, we made a much needed trip to Costco. Besides the usual stuff, we bought a number of large pots to be used in some container gardening we're going to be doing this summer. Score!

My rating: 3/5 (for the movie, not the weekend)

Saturday, March 28


Our investment property has been listed! For obvious reasons, I hope it sells quickly. I was comparing it to similarly priced properties and I have to say, it looks better than any of the ones I was looking at. We never had a problem renting it out--people always loved the place. So, I guess we have that working in our favor.

One negative is that we have to have the sewer line done prior to the sale, but it's going to need to be done eventually, anyway, so I guess I shouldn't worry about that.

Sunday, March 22

gone girl (the movie) and other things

Brian and I watched this movie last night. I was really looking forward to seeing it, but I found it to be a tad disappointing. I think it was because I loved the unexpected twists of the book and since I already knew what was going to happen, it wasn't as engaging. Also, the "diary" portions of the story were better in the book than in the movie (but I guess this is a no-brainer since they are written). Overall, I think they did a good job with it, but the book was definitely better.

My rating: 3.5/5

In other news, the three of us went out for dinner at Off the Rak with Carol and Bob (also last night). As always, it was great to see them. Brian and I also wrapped things up at our investment property today so that will be on the market as soon as our realtors can get it listed. The only negative of the weekend is that Jake picked up a stomach virus and was sick all last night. He stayed at a friend's house Friday night and someone there was sick and as luck would have it... You might want to buy stock in Clorox and Lysol as I have been going through those products at an alarming rate today. Fingers crossed that Brian and I can dodge the bug.

Wednesday, March 18

almost there

We almost have things wrapped up at our investment property. I think I have one minor thing left on my "to do" list and Brian has a few on his. But, all of the obvious stuff is done so we met with our realtors yesterday so they could do a walk-through of the property. Luckily for us, everything looked good to them, so we just need to wrap up those last few things this weekend and then we'll be putting it on the market!

Saturday, March 14

22 jump street

We watched this cleverly named sequel last night. While it was amusing, I thought the first movie was better, but I guess that's how it usually goes with sequels.

My rating: 3/5

Sunday, March 8

a good marriage

This is not a commentary about the state of my union, rather it is a movie review of the adaptation of the Stephen King short story by the same name. 

This move was pretty much panned by the critics, but I loved the story so much that I just had to watch it. I think they got a number of things right, but the movie did not have the depth of the book. I also thought the husband half of the equation was played pretty well but the wife character seemed different than I remembered. Also, the ending was not the same (the crux was the same, but it was played out in a different manner that, frankly, did not add anything to the story).

My rating: 3/5

Sunday, March 1

abducted 2 (pacific coast justice)

For a freebie, this wasn't bad. It was a standard cop/suspense type of book, but the author was a Christian author and I felt that all of the proselytizing took away from the story. Still, it was a pretty quick read.

My rating: 3/5