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calm before the storm

It’s official–Buster’s medicine, Clomicalm, is no longer available. Well, that’s not entirely true–you can get a bottle of the generic form, clomipramine, for $1000 a bottle. But, that’s a little more than I want to pay. So, he’s making the switch to Prozac next month. The problem is that we have to mostly wean him off of the Clomicalm first, so it’s going to be a nightmare (he does not do well off his meds). Another potential problem is that we don’t know if Prozac is going to have the same effect on him. We can only hope so at this point. The vet is giving us an additional medication that’s supposed to calm him down during the weaning period, so we can only hope that works. Once weaned, we’ll be able to start him on a small dose of Prozac and increase the dose on a weekly basis until he’s at therapeutic levels. It should be a fun month.

In other dog news, Alice has a large growth on her lip, so she has an appointment to get that checked out this week. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her, but you really shouldn’t have an inch large lump on your lip. I hadn’t noticed it until recently because it’s on her bottom lip and the upper one covers it up.

Our skanky cat has been pulling his hair out for months. He’s been on a couple of courses of steroids for this. Things are looking a little better with him, but not great. I think he’s due for his annual checkup next month, so I guess the vet can look at it then.

Lizzy, the healthiest of them all, has been limping a bit lately, though it doesn’t seem to be related to her previous back issues. She just turned 12 this month, so it’s probably just arthritis or some other age-appropriate ailment combined with this ridiculously cold weather we’ve been having.

I’m going to need to get another job to pay for all of this.

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