Thursday, February 27

the dogs

Alice had the growth on her lip removed today. She's faring well enough, though is pretty groggy at the moment. I'm sure she'll be doing much better tomorrow.

Buster is still a maniac. We'll be upping his Prozac on Saturday, so I'm hopeful things will start to improve after that. I think he was slightly better this week than last, but I wouldn't want every week to be like this.

Monday, February 24

cheese marvelous cheese

I'm attempting the cheese thing again this year. I say "attempting" because I haven't been overly impressed with my previous attempts. Yesterday, I made parmesan cheese. I tried doing the same thing last year, but parmesan is supposed to age without wax and mine got all moldy and was rendered inedible. I haven't had any mold issues with the cheese that I have waxed, so I'm going to wax the parmesan and see how that goes. I'm also going to make manchego cheese and a batch or two of cheddar. Hard cheese has to age for a while so I won't know the results of my efforts any time soon.

Saturday, February 22

prozac: day 1

Buster started taking Prozac today. It's going to take a couple of weeks to build up his dosage so we probably won't be able to tell if it's working for a bit. He was kind of a pain in the neck this past week (when he was on a very small dose of his old medication), so I can only assume/hope that we will see an improvement soon.

Friday, February 21

frankenstein: prodigal son

This was a book written jointly by Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson. I was a little wary at first given my disdain for the co-written James Patterson novels, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the novel very Koontz-ish. That said, there was nothing new going on in this book, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I find that distance makes the heart grow fonder in my relationship with Dean Koontz's books. I start to get bored with him if I read too many too quickly. That said, I will be reading the next book in his Frankenstein series next. So, I'll probably be good for a while after that.

My rating: 3.5/5

Saturday, February 15

the end is nigh

The end of winter, that is. I just worked out my 2014 gardening schedule and things kick off on March 10, which is mere weeks away (granted, the gardening events will be taking place inside the house, but gardening is gardening). Take that, snow.

v-b day

We don't celebrate Valentine's Day, but when we do, we celebrate it as Brian's birthday. We had lasagna, a Caesar salad and a nice bottle of Valpolicella for dinner last night. Later in the evening, we watched Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy much to my chagrin (the guys picked the flick). I knitted while we watched the movie so not all was lost.

Thursday, February 13

quick puppy update

Brian took Alice to the vet today to have the lump on her lip aspirated. They did not see anything suspicious in the fluid, but the lump is getting larger, so she needs to have it removed. Her surgery is scheduled two weeks from today.

As for Buster, he is doing pretty well on his reduced medication schedule. I think the supplement (Zylkene) the vet gave us is making the difference. I'm sure he's going to be a pain in the neck next week, when he's only taking 1/4 the amount of medicine as usual, but at least we were able to get through this week relatively pain free.

Sunday, February 9

the family

We watched this movie over the weekend. It was a black comedy about a mob family in the witness protection program. Due to the "comedy" aspect, the violence was kind of over the top. The film was by no means memorable, but it was an entertaining enough way to spend some time. As an aside, for a 70 year old, Robert De Niro looked pretty good in this movie. He should think about keeping the facial hair.

My rating: 3/5


I was doubly social yesterday. Last night the three of us went out for dinner with Carol and Bob at Franklin Street Bar & Grill. We had a good time catching up, though I think the staff was ready to throw us out by the time we left as we sat around talking well beyond the time our bill was paid. We've been trying to get together for quite some time now, so I'm glad it finally happened. The good news is that we already have some events planned for spring, so it won't be so long until we see each other again.

Saturday, February 8

yarn shopping

I finished knitting Brian's scarf last night. To celebrate, my knitting teacher took me yarn shopping in Ligonier this morning so that I could get some yarn for some new projects. I can see that this is going to be an expensive hobby! Don't tell Brian...

Monday, February 3

super bowl

We had our annual Super Bowl party with our families last night. The game was awful, but it's just as well because you can't really pay attention to it when there are that many people in the room. The food was great, though. We did the main dishes and everyone brought sides. There was too much to eat! I would have liked to have seen Peyton Manning win another ring. Maybe next year...