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alice update

Brian took Alice to her vet appointment today. The vet is not sure what’s growing on Alice’s lip, but she does know that it’s infected. So, Alice is on a course of antibiotics. One of two things is going to happen–if the lump responds to the antibiotic and shrinks, then we’re good to go. Otherwise, it’s probably something bad and she’s going to need surgery to have it removed. Either way, the vet commented, “Alice is so old. It makes me sad.” So that’s not exactly a vote of confidence. This comment is not to be taken the wrong way–Alice was actually one of her first patients, so she’s been seeing her for quite some time now.

Buster, on the other hand, will begin the switch to his new medication on February 8. It will be a 5-8 week process and we will not be accepting any visitors during that timeframe.

Stay tuned for more dog updates.