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alice update

Brian took Alice to her vet appointment today. The vet is not sure what’s growing on Alice’s lip, but she does know that it’s infected. So, Alice is on a course of antibiotics. One of two things is going to happen–if the lump responds to the antibiotic and shrinks, then …

calm before the storm

It’s official–Buster’s medicine, Clomicalm, is no longer available. Well, that’s not entirely true–you can get a bottle of the generic form, clomipramine, for $1000 a bottle. But, that’s a little more than I want to pay. So, he’s making the switch to Prozac next month. The problem is that we …

running from the law

This was another one from Lisa Scottoline. It was different from the usual series I read from her, but still featured a female lawyer as the main character. It was a pretty quick read, but nothing particularly thought provoking. My rating: 3/5

knitting 101

My friend from work offered to teach me how to knit. I took her up on her offer last night and am now in the midst of knitting a scarf for Brian. It’s a simple knit stitch pattern (I don’t know if that’s the technical term for it, but there’s …

the hangover: part iii

Put a fork in ’em, they’re done. This was my least favorite of the “Hangover” movies and I wasn’t that huge of a fan of the previous ones. But, it gets a half of a star for the hilarious scene that takes place during the credits. My rating: 2.5/5