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christmas 2004, day 4

Today seemed like the most hectic day of all Christmas weekend. I don’t know if it was because we had to leave the house so many times or if it was due to all of the hours we spent in the car.

It all started off with church this morning. The Sunday after Christmas is always student recognition Sunday and there is a combined service (rather than the usual two services). This year’s service took place at 9am, so I had to get up rather early this morning. Jacob and Brian are used to getting up early on Sundays, because Brian takes Jacob to Sunday school every week and that is also at 9am. After church, we came home, had lunch, and fooled around with our Christmas gifts for a bit.

Sometime around 1:00, we went to visit Brian’s grandmother. She was staying at Brian’s aunt’s house in Scottdale, PA. Luckily, the same people who entertained Jake at Thanksgiving were there, so Jake had a great time. We stayed there for a few hours–pretty much till the Steeler game ended, and then we came home. Jake and Brian crashed out in the car while I drove.

We did some stuff at home for an hour and then headed to my parent’s for a short visit. We only stayed there for an hour or so before we headed home.

Jake is still wired from all of the soda he drank earlier in the afternoon, so I don’t know how he’s ever going to sleep tonight, but we can only hope he does at some point, because it’s back to the old grind tomorrow for all of us. At least it’s a short week. The three of us are off Friday. Brian and Jake are off Thursday. Gotta love those long weekends. Too bad it’s the last one until Memorial Day…