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christmas 2004, day 5

OK, this is my last Christmas post of the year. Finally.

Brian’s parents came over this evening for a visit and to check out the goods we got for Christmas. Alcohol, cookies, and snacks were consumed. It was an enjoyable evening.

Since they were coming over, I had to straighten up a bit after work. I moved a bunch of the boxes and whatnot to the garage. I was also able to put away some of the gifts they already saw (i.e. the ones we opened at their place).

Tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year–putting all of the Christmas presents away! I’ve always enjoyed doing this, though I admit it is more of a challenge than I like now that Jake gets a roomful of toys every Christmas. But, putting my own stuff away is always fun.

On a side note, Jake had a soda hangover this morning. All of the caffeine and sugar he consumed yesterday kept him up late last night so he wasn’t able to get up this morning. Seeing that he had to go to daycare this morning, this wasn’t a good thing.