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christmas 2004, day 3

Well, today was the big day. I have to say that things went about as well as I could’ve hoped. Brian got up at 6:30am to put on the turkey. We got it ready last night, so he pretty much just had to put it on the roaster and into the oven. But, it was still nice of him to do so. My dogs have me trained to feed them every morning around 5am, so I wasn’t in the mood to get up again.

Our plan with Jacob worked–he didn’t get up until about 8:45am. We told him to go see if there were any presents under the tree, otherwise, we were just going to stay in bed. We heard him squealing a few times as he looked around. He came into our bedroom to tell us Santa had come and left a sleigh! (Jake got a sled as one of his presents.)

So, we opened all of our gifts and Jake played with his. Here was his favorite. That’s right, a box. We kept telling him that Santa was going to bring him a box and a chair for Christmas because that’s all he ever seems to play with. You’d think the kid didn’t have any toys. Maybe next year we’ll save some cash and go pick up a refrigerator box for him to play in.

Afterwards, Brian and I started getting ready for dinner. I kept the menu pretty simple because I figured there would be enough to do this morning. Things went smoothly. My mom, dad, brother, and grandmother were in attendance today. None of us could eat fast enough for Jake, though–he wanted to open the gifts that they brought and we weren’t doing that until after dinner.

Brian’s dad stopped by this evening because they forgot to give us our gifts from Brian’s grandmother when we were there yesterday. And since we’re going to visit her tomorrow, Brian’s mom would’ve caught hell if we wouldn’t have opened our gifts by then. I can put this on the internet because Brian’s grandmother doesn’t have a computer. His dad stayed for a few drinks and we had a very enjoyable visit that consisted of much bs’ing.

All in all a great day for all. Merry Christmas, everyone!