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thanksgiving 2004

We spent this Thanksgiving with Brian’s family. His Aunt Phyl and Uncle John hosted this year’s event. They live in Scottdale, PA, which is about an hour and 15 minutes away. There were various representatives from both families there. All in all it was a nice day.

Jake spent most of the afternoon playing with Brian’s cousin Erin and her fiance Justin. Kudos to them because they were playing with him like they were enjoying it. He had a blast. Since Jake was the only kid there, it really made his day.

The only downer today was coming home. We were just about to go up Ligonier Mountain and saw a firetruck blocking the road. As it turns out, the road was a sheet of ice, so it was closed. There had already been an accident on it so I guess they weren’t looking for any more trouble. The firemen told us of an alternate route to get home, which added 45 extra minutes to our trip.

This evening we’re just hanging out and watching television at home–bouncing between the Pitt/WVU game and the NBC comedies.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!