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who’s counting?

This year we had around 40 trick or treaters. This was down a little from last year. It’s so hard to guess how much candy to buy. I had enough for 60-70 and had some bags of chips as backup. The office shall reap the rewards.

Jake and I did some killer pumpkins last night. See my Instagram feed for photographic evidence.

dracula (1931)

One of my coworkers told me aboug Dracula Daily, which is a newsletter that goes out each day that something happens to the characters in the book. It runs May through November. It has been interesting to see the story unfold over that timeline. I’ve been planning on watching the 1992 version of the story after it’s done, but a local theater was playing the 1931 version, so I thought it would be fun to go there and see it, too (even though the story isn’t over yet). They were playing Halloweed-themed movies all month. The theater was pretty cool. It’s in need of refurbishing, but if they accomplish their goal, it’s going to be a really nice place.

Anyway, I find old movies to be pretty cheesy and this one was no different. Also, they took a lot of liberties with the plot. But, it was still fun to get out for the evening.


I did it! I got my 100 volunteer hours in as of today! Just in time, too, with the bad weather right around the corner. I will, of course, continue to volunteer through the winter as long as the weather allows. But, I’m glad I accomplished my self-imposed goal so early. 100 seems like a good number to shoot for in general, so I hope to do the same next year.


Like everyone else, I watched the Dahmer limited series on Netflix and agree that it was pretty horrifying. And, sure, they took some artistic liberties, but it wasn’t meant to be a documentary. But I did learn about the racism angle that enabled him to continue to murder people, which I didn’t remember hearing about before, though it has been a long time.

My rating: 4/5

the painting

I’m trying to get the main living areas (living room, dining room, foyer, and hall) painted before the end of the year, so I started on that this weekend. I did the dining room, foyer, and hall ceilings. Ceilings are the worst! Anyway, I’m hoping to have those three areas done by Thanksgiving and the living room by Christmas. Pretty much the whole house needs repainted, so this is going to be my winter project for probably the next few years.