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stolen identity

Recently, I received a letter at the office saying that a savings account I opened was closed because they couldn’t confirm my identity. I had not opened an account so I called the bank that issued the letter and was connected with their fraud department. Someone opened the account under my name, using my SSN & birthday, and the office’s address. So, now I have to go through a bunch of BS to lock things down. I’m currently working through the recommendations on

But, this is not the only incident I’ve had. A couple years ago, I received an unemployment check, also at the office. I filed a fraud claim with the state and never heard back. I guess I should have locked things down at that point.

I have to assume my information is in a DB somewhere…The strange thing is that I have credit monitoring through two of my credit cards and I haven’t seen anything show up that wasn’t legitimate. I guess it could be worse, but it makes me wonder if there are any other accounts out there under my name.