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the plot thickens

Late last week, we received a Monthly Notice of Compensation Charged for Prime Design Solutions’ unemployment account. Guess who it was for? That’s right, me. It was somehow related to the fraudulent unemployment claim 2 years ago. Anyway, I filed a fraud report for myself on the PA UC website and need to call them this week about the company. So it looks like whoever is doing this signed up for unemployment again and tried to open a deposit account for the money.

I tried working through the fraud stuff for myself last week, but my grandmother died the previous weekend and I was tied up with funeral stuff the 2nd half of the week. But, I wrapped that up over the weekend and didn’t find anything suspicious on my credit reports, which is good.

My grandmother died after a short illness, so it was kind of expected. She had some other health issues in the past year and was slowing down. At the age of 94, she was still living on her own and if she would have made it, she would have had to move into a home, which she would have not liked. We should all be so lucky to make it into our 90s and still be living on our own.