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easter weekend

Jake spent the weekend in Virginia with Amelia and her family. They rented a cabin for the holiday. So, we put to rest our Easter traditions of an Easter egg hunt and a basket of candy. It was a good run, but I guess it was time. My mom usually does Easter dinner, but I hosted it this year.

On Saturday, I went to a gardening seminar at Sandyvale. Ron McIntosh always does the best seminars. This one was “Best Garden Ever” and that also happens to be my yearly mantra. I’m a little behind on gardening. I planted kale and swiss chard the other week but it never sprouted and it looks like something dug up the seeds. So, I restarted them in the house, but they’re going to be getting planted outside awfully late. I have a bunch of other things to plant outside this week and the weather is supposed to be beautiful, so I should be able to get to everything.

A friend told me about this gardening planner and I’ve been using their dates for everything: It seems to be pretty accurate and I was glad that I didn’t have to figure out everything on paper this year.