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the walking dead

I loved this show when it first came out. It was so good. I’m not sure why, but when they introduced Negan, my interest waned. I’m not the only one, so it must be something about that character. While I like the actor who portrayed him, I didn’t really like how he did the character. But, maybe that’s how the character was supposed to be.

Anyway, seasons 1, 2, 3 and maybe a little beyond that were so great. The rest of it was kind of the same story over and over. But, I stuck with it and watched the final episode last night. As far as final episodes go, it wasn’t that great. They set up the 3 spin-off series, which I can’t imagine that I will be watching. One’s with Michonne and Rick, another with Daryl, and another with Negan and Maggie. The Daryl one might have been interesting if Carol was still included, but the actress exited that project for some reason.

My rating: 5/5 for the first few seasons and 3/5 for the rest