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It took three years, but Covid finally got me last week. I’m not positive where I contracted it because it’s not like I go out a bunch. However, I did go to an event last Sunday and someone else I know was there and is also sick, so that seems …


This movie is described as the first gay rom-com released by a major studio. And, I guess that about sums it up. It was funny, but not hilarous (I was hoping for hilarious). My rating: 3/5

h is for homicide

Just when you think you have the formula figured out, Grafton throws a wrench into things. I hope there are more like this because it was one of my favorites so far. It didn’t hurt that there were seemingly fewer characters to keep track of than usual. My rating: 3.5/5

the pale blue eye

This was a decent film though a bit convoluted. But, it was worth watching just for Christian Bale–he’s always great! It was kind of a whodunit at West Point, back in the days of yore. There was kind of a lot going on by the end of the movie, but …