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holiday preparations

I’m almost ready for Christmas. Jake wanted to make some cookies this year, so we baked a couple batches this week instead of doing our usual chocolate covered pretzels. But, it left me wanting more, so I’m going to do another batch or two of cookies in the next couple days. I have one more batch of dog treats to make and those are getting done tonight. It’s been a few years, but I made some limoncello for gifts, too.

The tree has been up since the beginning of the month, but we didn’t decorate outside this year–the weather never cooperated whenever we had time. Since Jake most likely won’t be around next year, I need to rethink my outside decorating strategy to make things a little easier to do. And, of course, my cards went out earlier this month. I did forget to do photos of the pets until it was too late. Next year, I’m going to have to do them in the summer and not make them Christmas-themed.

I took the afternoon off today and wrapped presents after work and went grocery shopping after supper so I’m all set for Christmas Eve.

Everything is under control.