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die hard with a surprise party

No, it’s not a new sequel–I had two events going on today.

First, Jake’s girlfriend’s mom had a surprise graduation party for her today. She started vet school early (before having enough credits to graduate from undergrad) and now that her first semester is over, she has enough credits, hence the party. She came home for winter break today, so we had to be there in the afternoon before she arrived. Frankly, it was the greatest party I have ever been to. There were 6 dogs there! I’m now instituting a 3 dog minimum for any future parties I attend.

This evening I had plans with one of my coworkers to watch Die Hard at the State Theater of Johnstown. We went there in October to see Dracula, as well. The theater was showing a bunch of Christmas movies this month and this was one of them (I guess you could argue that it’s not a Christmas movie, but it is definitely considered one). Anyway, the movie was great–I’d seen it before, but just once and it’s been a while. I’ll give it a 4/5. It held up really well.