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the usual suspects

This movie wasn’t as good the second time around because the plot twist was so good. But, when you know it’s coming, it doesn’t have the same effect. It was still a great story, though anytime I see Kevin Spacey in things anymore, it makes me cringe. My rating: 4/5

dead to me

I really enjoyed this show. Season 1 was fantastic, 2 was a bit convoluted, and 3 was sad. It starred Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini who end up becoming best friends through a grief support group. There’s a lot more to the story than that, but I don’t want to …

thanksgiving week

It’s been a busy week! Sylvia had a dental cleaning scheduled for Tuesday morning. She did well with it, but they had to extract a tooth (a pre-molar). That was an expensive trip! Wednesday morning, Jake went to his home office, which is in the former family room, and there …