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catching up

Last week, I wrapped up the last of three mixology classes I took at Penn Highlands. The classes were pretty basic, but it was still fun and I picked up a couple tips. They’re planning on having one-day classes for St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo next year, so I may attend one or both if it works with my schedule.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the humane society’s annual Cash Bash. Richland Fire Hall was packed–it was sold out before the day of, but I guess it always does that. People were trying to get in before the doors opened–I guess some people are really into this sort of thing. Everyone did appear to have a good time. My job was to sell tickets for the high-end baskets. Business was pretty brisk until the food was served, then it slowed down to a trickle after that. I stuck around until the end and helped cleaned up before heading home.

Today, I painted the hall and foyer. You’d think that would be an easy job, but the hall has 5 trimmed doorways (so that was a lot of cutting in to do)! It took a bit longer than I had anticipated. I did the foyer first and it was pretty easy except for the glass block cubbies, which were a little time-consuming. I went with Poetic Light for the color. While it is not the same as the previous color (a creamy white), you probably wouldn’t notice the difference unless I told you or if you’re really observant.

It has been a busy month! And, of course, Thanksgiving is this week, so I’ll catch a little break from work (I’m off Wednesday through Friday).