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thanksgiving week

It’s been a busy week! Sylvia had a dental cleaning scheduled for Tuesday morning. She did well with it, but they had to extract a tooth (a pre-molar). That was an expensive trip!

Wednesday morning, Jake went to his home office, which is in the former family room, and there was blood tracked all over the place. At first we thought it was Syliva-related since they said to watch out for bleeding from the extraction. But, I found a broken glass behind the bar and it turns out Sylvester was the culprit. He cut one of his paws, but it had stopped bleeding by this point and he seemed to be fine, so we avoided a second trip to the vet.

Wednesday, I took off work to prep for Thanksgiving and then we had an early Thanksgiving dinner here yesterday. Everything turned out nice and everyone appeared to have a good time.

My office is closed today so I’m just doing things around the house. I have wrapped up my online Christmas shopping and am making some turkey stock from yesterday’s turkey bones, which will be turned into Turkey-Kielbasa Soup with Wild Rice (a recipe that I invented last year and is apparently my new delicious tradition) tomorrow.