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the silence of the lambs

It has been a while, so I re-read this book while on vacation. It was so good! Coincidentally, I decided to rewatch the movie, too, and received it right before vacation and watched it last night. The movie was great as well, but felt a little dated (in its defense, it is 31 years old). And knowing what’s going to happen definitely takes something away from it–it was not quite so terrifying this time.

I did find it interesting how they simplified the plot a bit. They didn’t change too much, but they did completely remove some of the sub-plots that were in the book. The biggest change, though, was probably the most famous line of the movie, “I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.” In the book, the wine was Amarone. I guess they didn’t think people would know what that was.