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katie henry band

I went to see this band last night at the Oilhouse. It was not a free show, but was definitely worth the money! Katie Henry is a blues artist, which is my favorite kind of live music. Also, how can you beat going to a show in Johnstown?

There are two more concerts scheduled for this weekend–more freebies, but I don’t think I’m going to make it to either. I need to get caught up on things around the house after being on vacation last week. Tomorrow night’s concert is zydeco music, which is not something I listen to (but maybe I’d like it? I guess we’ll never know.). And Sunday afternoon, a local artist I like is playing in Central Park, but I have to go to an “unofficial” humane society board meeting right before it, so I don’t want to blow the whole afternoon. Also, who knows how long the board meeting will take.

I do have tickets for another show next Saturday. After going to all of these concerts this summer, I might have to schedule some in Greensburg this winter or I’ll be going through live music withdrawal.