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liberty, pa

Jake, his girlfriend, and the dogs joined me on vacation this year. We did the usual relaxing stuff plus went to “The Muck” to check out the wildlife, and Wellsboro for shopping and some diner pie. We also went out for wood-fired pizza the last day.

Our cabin had a pond and Tilly really enjoyed swimming in it. Ralphie not so much–he has heavy bones! He did enjoy splashing around in the water and then doing some zoomies–but only the one time.

The property had 200 acres and a bunch of hunting trails in the woods. One day, I took the dogs for a walk and we saw a bear! It wasn’t super close but close enough to identify. It tried to run away from us (bears are super fast) but was going in the same direction for a bit. Eventually it cut across our path and went deeper into the woods. That was more excitement than I needed. I guess it’s pretty rare to see a bear in the woods.

The cabin was really nice. I’d definitely stay there again.

Hopefully all of us can go on vacation again next year!