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fcmf 2022

The music festival was back at its usual time of year for 2022. I went down for a few hours after work yesterday and again this afternoon. I saw a couple really good bands–it was very enjoyable. I wasn’t into any of the headliners, though I guess I’m usually not–they get some quality acts, but it’s just not bands I listen to. As for the other slots, it’s usually bands I haven’t heard of, so it’s more interesting to check them out. They always have some good blues music and this year was no different.

Jake’s working the video cameras for the main stage again this year, so he’ll be able to let me know what I missed.

I’ve seen a lot of live music this month! There won’t be quite as much next month, but I do have a couple of shows (in Johnstown) on my schedule. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to all of them because they’re all the same week, but I’ll see what I can do.