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short-lived victory

I did another load of laundry this evening. I checked on the dryer after it had been running for a while and it was cold. Again. So, guess who’s getting a new dryer? I hope Krisay’s is open tomorrow. While a dryer isn’t as mission critical as a washer, I don’t have a lot of room to hang clothes to dry, so there is going to be a bit of a holdup with the laundry until this gets resolved.

That said, I’ve been pretty happy with the Speed Queen washer I purchased last year, so I’m going to get the matching dryer. That will hopefully make my trip to the appliance store quick. I was hoping I could purchase it on their website (the url would imply that), but there was not an option to do so.

Oh well, the dryer is the oldest appliance I have in the house so it was bound to go sooner or later. But, I would have preferred later.