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it’s a wonderful life

For lack of something better to do yesterday afternoon, I watched this movie for the first time. I’m not really into classic movies, but it wasn’t bad.

But, this was definitely a weird Christmas all the way around. Jake and I spent Christmas Eve together, where I cooked a typical holiday meal (ham, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and rolls). After dinner, we viewed some old family slides on the projector. It’s been a while since I dusted those off.

On Christmas Day, we opened gifts in the morning, then Jake went to Brian’s, which left me to my own devices. To fill the time, I watched the movie after a lunch of Christmas Eve leftovers, then took an extended nap (90 minutes!) and then got to work on dinner, which was a new stuffed shells recipe. By the time dinner was ready, Jake returned home, with some additional gifts for me from my ex-family.

In the evening, we did our own thing. We have yet to meet up with my family to swap bags of gifts. Hopefully, tomorrow we’ll do that.