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They say that bad things always happen in threes, so let me tell you about the past few days.

First off, the dryer…the part I ordered from Repair Clinic arrived today. Conveniently, they had an instructional video that showed how to take the dryer apart, install the new part, and then put it back together. It was pretty simple, if not a bit time consuming, but the dryer is working! I’m not going to get too excited about it, though, as my past experience with fixing old appliances shows that sometimes other things break. But, I’m happy about it for now.

Two. Last night, I was going over my credit card statement and found four charges that I did not make. They were all for Amazon (so you’d think that will be easy for the credit card company to research as the order number was shown on my statement). A quick call to Chase this morning got the wheels in motion. So, all should be good there now.

Three. Last week I ordered crossbars for the Kona’s roof rack. They came today and the box was pretty busted up, so I wanted to get them installed to make sure they were ok (Jake helped me with it. When I say “helped”, I mean that he did it while I stood there in the cold giving moral support). Well, the one plastic cover had a crack in it. It’s usable, but I’d really like a replacement, so I sent a message to the seller (I got it on eBay) and they’re supposed to send me a replacement cover. We’ll see. The roof racks do look very nice, though. I bought them because I want to get a cargo box for when I go on trips. When Jake and I went on vacation last year, we couldn’t have fit another thing in the car, so the cargo box will free up some space.

If these are the worst things that happen to me in December, I’ll count myself lucky, but it does seem like one thing after another.