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the office

I watched this show again from start to finish and it was just as good as the first time, if not better. I finished it in the nick of time, too–it’s no longer going to be on Netflix as of January 1. Netflix is losing shows left and right to all of the other streaming services, which is a bummer as I like to have a sitcom going at all times. Most of the shows I watch are dramas, so it’s nice to switch to something light every once in a while. The sitcoms are in short supply on there anymore. I’ll have to see if Hulu is faring any better with that.

Anyway, I loved the show. It got a little weird after Steve Carrell left. He was always cringey, but in a good way. The people they got to replace him were over the top, in a bad way. And I hated the Jim/Pam thing in the last season or so. Things worked out in the end for them, but did they really have to sully it like that? And, Andrew Bernard is still my least favorite character.

My rating: 4/5