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new car smell

I was planning on buying a new car this year and took care of that yesterday. I got a Hyundai Kona and I love it! I fully intended on buying a used one, but I’ve been watching for months and there just aren’t many available (and the ones that were available were mostly in the base trim, which I was not interested in). So, I was looking around and found a really good deal with Cochran Hyundai in Monroeville. I was able to make the deal online, including trading in the Optima. I went there yesterday to finalize everything and pick it up.

This was “my” first new car in some time. Due to all of Brian’s driving for work, we’ve had a car and a truck since 2012. He always drove the car for work since it got better gas mileage, but the truck was really his, too. So, I’ve been a woman without an SUV (my preferred mode of transport) for 8 years.

You never know what will happen, but I hope to keep this vehicle for as long as I possibly can, which is why I was so picky about the trim level (and color, to an extent). Boy have things changed since our last car purchase. This vehicle has so many cool features that I’m actually going to have to read the manual so I don’t miss anything!