powder room progress

With much help from Jake, we got the flooring installed over the weekend. And, then he installed the toilet on Monday. The toilet seems to be working (i.e. not leaking) so I guess my fix with the flange worked, but I won’t be totally convinced of that until much more time has passed.

I’m buying the rest of the supplies (vanity and related items, hardware, shoe molding, threshold trim, and tools) this weekend. It’s kind of a pain not having any tools in the house, but I’m buying them as they are needed. I’m hoping to get this wrapped up by the end of the month, but we’ll see what happens.

Right now, I’m patching the walls and then I’ll touch up the paint. After that, the vanity can be installed (which might prove a little difficult as I haven’t really done any plumbing before) and then the hardware (which will be easy). The shoe molding and threshold won’t be difficult either, but it does need to be stained and finished first. I don’t have any other major projects planned for the year, so once this one’s done, I’ll be back in maintenance mode.