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thunder 2017

We kicked off Thunder as we usually do–by attending Richland Bike Bash on Wednesday night. We typically run into someone we know there and this year was no different.

On Thursday, we took the afternoon off and went for a motorcycle ride in search of the elusive Beaverdale Reservoir, which we did not manage to locate. It was still a nice ride. That night, we went downtown, but not much was going on. They used to have a kickoff event that would draw some crowds. Not sure why they don’t do that anymore.

Friday was a total washout. Three inches of rain does not equate to good motorcycle weather. But, it wouldn’t be Thunder without a little (or a lot) of rain.

Saturday, we went for another ride. This time, to Dilltown and back. And, we went back downtown that night to check out Jasmine Cain and to hang out for a bit.

Sunday we took Lizzy for a ride through downtown and Ligonier. She spreads joy everywhere she goes when she’s in the sidecar, so we couldn’t deny people that.

All in all, a pretty good Thunder.