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back in order

A couple of weeks ago, we intended on getting our basement powder room back in working order. It had been out of order since the sewer project. We got the floor all fixed up and Brian put down new laminate flooring, only to find out that the plumber put the toilet drain too close to the wall, so the toilet could not be installed.

Fast forward to today…the plumber made another appearance and installed an offset flange to fix the issue. Brian relaid the flooring (which wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was still annoying), and the plumber installed the toilet. So, at least that is done. Brian still has to reinstall the sink and make and install new floor trim. But, hopefully most of that will happen this weekend.
In another turn of events, Jake was driving to his guitar lesson yesterday and saw someone with his stolen bike. So, he got out of the car and got his bike back. Some people have all the nerve.