Sunday, July 30


This movie was about some astronauts who find a single cell organism in a soil sample from Mars. This cell then replicates into an alien and wreaks havoc. While the movie did have a number of scientifically questionable scenes (Perhaps it was written by a Republican? They tend to ignore science.), I do not have any problem suspending my disbelief in the name of entertainment. And it had one of the coolest alien-killing-a-person scenes since Alien.

My rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, July 23


This was the first M. Knight Shamalamadingdong (sp?) movie I'd seen in quite some time. The previews looked compelling--the main character had multiple personality disorder and that actor knocked it out of the park. So, that part of things was cool, but I was really expecting some kind of major twist at the end, which didn't happen. For that reason...

My rating: 3/5

Friday, July 14

the girl before

I read this while on vacation. This book reminded me a lot of "The Girl on the Train" mostly because it was set in Great Britain, but more so because each chapter was from the perspective of one of the two main characters (both women).

The story is about these two women who live in this minimalist-style house that has a ridiculous amount of rules in keeping with the minimalist theme (like, no clutter, etc.). The women lived there at different points in time and their stories unfold throughout the novel. There's a murder (of course) with a twist (of course), but I thought it was pretty well done.

My rating: 4/5

Thursday, July 13

pa grand canyon

We went back to the woods for this year's vacation, though we decided to branch out from Forest County and try a different part of the state. Jake took a friend again this year. And, it's important to note that this was Lizzy's first vacation and she enjoyed the hell out of it. In fact, she gave it two paws up.

We did all of the usual stuff--walks through the woods, campfires, reading, knitting--you know the drill.

We arrived close to 5pm on Saturday. We didn't do anything to speak of that day, just got settled in. Jake and his friend made a trip to the nearest Walmart for some last minute supplies.

Sunday's point of interest was the overlook for the PA Grand Canyon, as seen from Colton Point State Park.

Monday took us to "The Muck", which is a wetlands area in Wellsboro. It is a prime bird watching area. It was quite cool. On our way back to the truck we saw a huge black bear walking across the road.

Tuesday was pretty laid back. The main activity was fishing in the evening.

On Wednesday afternoon, we went to the nearby Lumber Museum, which was more interesting than it sounds, and went fishing again in the evening.

That was about it. It was pretty relaxing and ended too soon, but at least I have a four day weekend before I have to return to work.

Saturday, July 8


This was a lengthy tome, but since the remake is coming out this year and the trailer looks half decent, I just had to read It again. I guess the new movie only focuses on the kid end of things, but given the length of the story I don't see how they would have been able to squeeze the whole plot in anyway. The original version was done as a tv miniseries, so they had plenty of time for everything in that rendition.

It's funny because people are calling it a Stranger Things rip-off, but isn't Stranger Things actually a rip-off of It?

My rating: 4/5

Thursday, July 6


Brian and I celebrated our 21st anniversary on June 28. We had a picnic in the woods he likes to frequent (for hiking and hunting). It's off Route 271--not sure if it has a name. Anyway, he bought a bottle of bubbly and a bunch of delicious food from Conzatti's and we hung out in the woods for a bit. Instead of exchanging gifts this year, we're going to buy a piece of artwork for the house, so that is still pending. We're moving stuff around there, too (though not to the extent of the office artwork update). In particular, our bedroom could use some art, but we'll have to see what we like and where it might work best.

Wednesday, July 5

4th weekend

Well, we had to work on Monday, but I kind of lump the holiday in with the weekend. It was a pretty productive couple of days. Brian got the downstairs bathroom sink installed. It gave him quite a bit of trouble, so he was not able to get to the trim. He also put in the rest of the outdoor lighting and adjusted the location of a couple of the security cameras.

We also made some additional headway on the driveway. I don't think I've mentioned this project recently, but our driveway has needed replaced since we moved in almost 21 years ago. We share a driveway with the neighbor, so this has added a layer of complication to getting the project done. We've been trying to get him to agree on replacing it for about 10 years now. And, since we're hoping to move next year, the urgency for completing this project has increased. So, we gave him a deadline of this summer and he's not going to do it. But, we'll be getting our half done--they'll just have to cut through the asphalt on the property line. It's not a big deal, but it's going to look weird (like one of those double houses where the one side looks all nice and the other side is dilapidated). That said, due to our budget, we're only getting the top half done. The bottom half is in repairable shape, so we've been working on that and made some good progress in the past few days.

Also, we spent yesterday afternoon updating all of the artwork at the office. Brian's been framing up new stuff since last fall, but wanted to hang everything at once. It looks great! And we won't have to worry about that again for a while as this is the first time he's changed things up since we opened in 2008.

As far as fun activities go, there weren't many of those, but I sure do like making good progress on things that need to be done. I did go to Judy's baby shower on Sunday and that was a nice break from the action.

I'm sure we probably did some other stuff, but I can't think of it.