Tuesday, September 29


Since I don't have to clean anymore, I've been spending my time straightening things up and getting rid of things we no longer need and also doing some small home-improvement type tasks. Things are definitely looking good around here! If only we could tackle some of the larger home-improvement tasks on our list, we'd be set. We'll see what gets done this winter.

Wednesday, September 23


After years of waiting, I finally got the go-ahead to hire a cleaner for the house. Yesterday was her first day. The impact of this action hasn't fully sunk in yet, but I'm sure it will become apparent in the coming weeks when I don't have to clean anything.

You know how they say you have to clean before the cleaner comes? Boy, is that true! Well, not really clean, but straighten up. The house looks great. And, since she will be coming every two weeks, the house won't have time to fall back into cluttered mode, so it should always look pretty good around here from now on.

Saturday, September 19

running out of summer

This afternoon, Brian and I took what might be our last motorcycle ride of the year. It appears that the warm weather is on its way out. Not that 60s are exactly cold, but it's a bit chilly for riding. Plus, I have a line on someone who might be able to paint my sidecar and I want to get that done before the snow falls, so I'm going to need to get on that.

The yard could use some attention. I feel like I've been ignoring it for weeks. Which reminds me--I better get outside and do some work before it gets dark.

Sunday, September 13

farewell, costco

We have been members of Costco for more than a few years, but I am afraid we must part for now, if only temporarily. We made our last trip there yesterday. I still love the store, but since it's in the Pittsburgh area, a trip there takes up a good part of a day and I just don't have time for that right now. Not that we go that often, but it seems like there's always something going on.

I've been hoping that they would open a store a little closer (even an hour away wouldn't be bad), but that hasn't happened, nor is it on the schedule. So, I'm going to cancel our membership this month. For now, anyway. I just need a little break, I think. I'll probably rejoin down the road. It's not you, Costco, it's me. I hope we can still be friends.

Wednesday, September 9

timing is everything

I've been running the house a/c recently due to the excessively hot weather. While I was grilling supper today, I noticed that the fan on the air conditioner was not running. Instead, the unit was making a humming noise. I guess we'll be calling our heating & cooling guy to take a look at it. Hopefully it can be fixed as I don't really want to absorb the cost of having a new a/c unit installed (and I'm certainly not going to live without air conditioning at this point). Anyway, at least this is the last hot day on the forecast, so we won't have to suffer for long.

I do want to get this fixed now, though. At least twice now, I've tried to turn the a/c on during the first heat wave of the year and it didn't work. If today would have been cooler, we would have been experiencing that scenario again next spring.

Tuesday, September 8

pillar project

Prime Design Solutions took part in the Bottle Works Pillar Project, which is located under the Kernville viaduct. The painting portion of the project took place over the course of a week.

The previous Saturday, Brian, Jake and I painted the light blue base coat. And, last Thursday, the office closed for the day and we did the detail work.

The whole process is documented here.

labor day

It was a quiet weekend with nothing on the schedule. Friday night, we made our yearly trek to the Ethnic Festival for some delicious pierogies at St. Mary's Church. We ran into a couple people we knew down there, and talked to them, but we weren't there very long beyond dinner.

We fit in two motorcycle rides over the long weekend. Time for that is running short. Various hobbies and house/yard work were also accomplished. It was pretty relaxing and now I'm ready to attack the short work week that is ahead.

Sunday, September 6

the hammer

Brian, being a big fan of Adam Carolla, wanted to see this movie, so we watched it last night. He thought it was hilarious. I, on the other hand, am not what you would call a fan and found the movie to be so-so. There wasn't anything intrinsically wrong with it (the acting and plot were fine)--I just didn't find it particularly funny.

My rating: 2.5/5