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timing is everything

I’ve been running the house a/c recently due to the excessively hot weather. While I was grilling supper today, I noticed that the fan on the air conditioner was not running. Instead, the unit was making a humming noise. I guess we’ll be calling our heating & cooling guy to take a look at it. Hopefully it can be fixed as I don’t really want to absorb the cost of having a new a/c unit installed (and I’m certainly not going to live without air conditioning at this point). Anyway, at least this is the last hot day on the forecast, so we won’t have to suffer for long.

I do want to get this fixed now, though. At least twice now, I’ve tried to turn the a/c on during the first heat wave of the year and it didn’t work. If today would have been cooler, we would have been experiencing that scenario again next spring.