Sunday, August 30

garden fatigue

It's the end of another gardening season and the garden is a mess of weeds once again. Every year, I plan on keeping up with things and every year my motivation peters out by the end of the season.

While this was not the best year for a garden, I did get a lot of tomatoes, so that made me happy (that was the first year in a while for that). I've canned a couple of tomato-related products already and have a few more on the horizon. The year's biggest disappointment was the lack of peppers. I normally get a ton, but haven't harvested any yet. The plants are still growing, so we'll see if they produce anything before the frost.

Other hits and misses...

Hits: cucumbers, garlic, zucchini, basil, onions 
Misses: potatoes, fennel, cabbage

I've been trying to do the winter harvest thing the past few years but haven't formally planned anything out. Not coincidentally, I haven't done all that well with it. So, this year, I'm going to skip planting anything and actually come up with a planting schedule for next year.

Saturday, August 29

american sniper

This told the biographical story of Navy SEAL (and sniper) Chris Kyle. I'm a sucker for a good war movie and this was definitely one of those. I guess there was some controversy over the movie due to the subject matter, but the guy was just doing his job. Conversely, watching this movie made me want to go out and buy a flag. 'Murica!

My rating: 4/5

Wednesday, August 26

foo fighters

Today is the first day of Jake's sophomore year. So, like any pair of responsible parents, we took him to see the Foo Fighters last night. What an amazing show! I opted out of their last tour due to the ticket prices and have been kicking myself ever since. So, there was no way I was going to miss them on this tour--I've had the tickets since December.

Due to all of the construction on the parkway, we went to/from the show via Washington. That's the way to do it. I know it adds a little time to the trip, but there's virtually no chance of getting stuck in traffic. We arrived home around 1am and I am freaking tired today (the dogs got me up at 6:30). I took the day off, though, so a nap is planned for later. 

Tuesday, August 25

mucho dinero

We had new sewer lines put in our investment property yesterday. It's a relief that project's finally done. If the place should sell, it was going to need to be done before the sale went through. In the more likely event that we end up renting it out again, it's good to know that it is already done (so that we won't have to inconvenience the renter(s).

We are getting an estimate for the office today. I can't wait to find out what that's going to cost. And we might have to replace the lines at our house, too, though that won't be this year (thankfully).

One down, two to go.

Monday, August 24


Yesterday was busy in a social kind of way. We went out for lunch at Asiago's to celebrate the birthdays of my mom, dad and grandmother (who all had birthdays in the past week).

And, Sunday night, Judy came over to catch the first episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Despite some technical difficulties (Sling TV--get with it!), it was a fun evening. I guess the positive thing about the Sling TV outages was that it gave us extra time to talk. As for the show, I thought the first episode was a little slow, but it looks like the SHTF in the next episode, so I am hopeful that this is going to be a good series. It's definitely an interesting take on the existing story.

Sunday, August 23


For someone who doesn't like to be the center of attention, sometimes I have to question myself. Brian, Lizzy and I took a motorcycle ride to Ligonier yesterday afternoon. This was Lizzy's 2nd major ride and she was the perfect passenger. Since it was an absolutely beautiful day, people were out in full force and we did not go unnoticed--there was a lot of pointing and smiling. While traveling through Ligonier, we passed another motorcyle/sidecar combination--those people seemed particularly happy to see us (though I don't know why you'd have a person in your sidecar and not a dog--to each his own).

Monday, August 17

machete kills

We watched this movie Saturday night. Well, some of us managed to stay awake through the whole thing and some of us were too tired from spending the day in the sun (riding motorcycles and shooting guns with my family).

These Machete movies are kind of ridiculous, but I find them very entertaining. I'm not so sure about the next one, Machete Kills in Space, but we'll see.

My rating: 3.5/5

Sunday, August 16

playing for pizza

I've been slacking on reading lately (partly because we've been watching a lot of tv in the evenings and partly because of my knitting addiction), so I resolved to read a book a month this year. I believe I'm on track with this goal, but decided to read the shortest book from my stack of dozens this month just to give myself some wiggle room.

The book sounded pretty corny, but it was written by John Grisham, so I figured it couldn't be all that bad. The story was about a failed NFL quarterback who went to Italy to play for an American-style football league and was surprisingly enjoyable. 

My rating: 3.5/5

Saturday, August 15

braces off!

Jake finally got his braces off (on Friday). His appointment was first thing in the morning and I scheduled a dental appointment for the two of us for late morning. He had the braces on for almost 2.5 years. That is a long time. He has to wear a retainer constantly for the next 6 months, then at night for the rest of his life (or, as they like to say at the orthodontist's office, wear it as long as you'd like to have straight teeth).

I took the day off work, but don't really have anything else to report about the day. I did nothing when I got home--knitted for a bit and then took a nap. Kind of a wasted day, really.

Friday, August 14

skinny cat

The mystery might be solved. The other morning, I was getting ready for work and Brian walked out of the bedroom with the cat, who had just jumped into the bed. I went to the kitchen and the gate was still locked. Brian put the cat on the other side of it and then the cat walked through the slats and back into the kitchen (he was too fat to do this before). So, that explains one thing. But, why the gate would have been open two days this week remains a mystery--unless Buster was trying to get away from the cat and went downstairs. That is the only reason I can come up with so far. But, we won't be pondering this for long because I'm going to order a new gate this weekend. It will be both cat and dog proof.

Wednesday, August 12

the curious case of buster and marley

When I got home from work yesterday, the dog gate leading to our family room was open. I assumed someone forgot to latch it, though I would like to note that Buster does know how to open it. But, he doesn't ever do that unless one of us is downstairs. As I was feeding the dogs their supper, the cat came strolling out of the hallway. I put him back downstairs (he lives in our family room) and didn't ponder it too much longer, but I thought it was odd that he spent some time upstairs (particularly since all of the dogs are afraid of him).

Today, Brian arrived home from work earlier than I did and he encountered the same scenario--the dog gate was open and the cat was upstairs. So, now we're thinking that Buster is opening the gate (probably in order to go downstairs for some cat "treats") and the cat is taking advantage of the situation. I like to think that they both spend the day sleeping in our bed. That would be funny! I do wonder what goes on--if only I had a webcam.

Speaking of the cat, I noticed that he lost some weight, so I took him to the vet to be checked out. It turns out he has hyperthyroidism, so now he's on pills, too. This geriatric pet thing we have going on is getting more expensive by the week.

Monday, August 10

flood city music festival

We went to the Flood City Music Festival over the weekend. We caught sets from the Eric Tessmer Band, Nikki Hill and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades. All were great. I did it right this year and researched the bands, so we got to watch stuff we liked instead of some random band.

We probably could have watched another set or two, but Brian and Jake had a scouting event all weekend, so time was short on our end. Maybe next year.

Sunday, August 2


Jake and I watched this last night. I wasn't sure about it (and Netflix was telling me I wasn't going to like it), but I watched it anyway. The movie had a looonnnng setup and was short on plot. The special effects were pretty spectacular, though. But, that was not enough to save it. And now I have that stupid Godzilla song stuck in my head.

My rating: 2.5/5