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garden fatigue

It’s the end of another gardening season and the garden is a mess of weeds once again. Every year, I plan on keeping up with things and every year my motivation peters out by the end of the season.

While this was not the best year for a garden, I did get a lot of tomatoes, so that made me happy (that was the first year in a while for that). I’ve canned a couple of tomato-related products already and have a few more on the horizon. The year’s biggest disappointment was the lack of peppers. I normally get a ton, but haven’t harvested any yet. The plants are still growing, so we’ll see if they produce anything before the frost.

Other hits and misses…

Hits: cucumbers, garlic, zucchini, basil, onions
Misses: potatoes, fennel, cabbage
I’ve been trying to do the winter harvest thing the past few years but haven’t formally planned anything out. Not coincidentally, I haven’t done all that well with it. So, this year, I’m going to skip planting anything and actually come up with a planting schedule for next year.