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the one with the lost glasses

Not unlike last year’s vacation, this one started off on a bit of a sour note. After we got settled in to camp, Brian decided to take the canoe out and do some fishing. The river was particularly high and swift this year (due to a water release from the Kinzua Dam) and Brian ended up tipping the canoe when he tried to land it. Everything went into the river. He was able to recover all of his belongings, with the exception of his glasses. We considered coming home to get another pair, but he got used to things after a day or so. And, he called the eye doctor on Monday to order a new pair and they are in already.

The weather was surprisingly nice. We really only had rain the one day and it wasn’t an all day rain, either, so I was able to get in some quality hammock time this year, unlike last year.

There was one weird thing. Isn’t there always? At 6am our first morning there, I heard this knocking sound outside of the cabin. I figured it was the hot water heater or the well pump or something like that. We found out later that morning that it was a cardinal that kept flying into the windows. This phenomenon recurred until about dusk. And then it happened again the next day and the next (and you get the idea). At one point Brian was outside and saw him doing the same thing with our truck mirror. Apparently whenever the bird would see his reflection (in a mirror, glass or even in the metal chimney), he would attack the “other” bird. So, I was up at 6am every day. I think I need a nap…

Jake took a friend again this year. The two of them seemed to have a good time. One thing is for sure–they got enough to eat!

We only took one dog this year and that dog was Alice. I keep saying it’s going to be her last trip to Forest County and she keeps on living, so good for her. She mostly slept but was more active than she usually is.

Beyond that, it was the same old stuff–fishing, hiking, knitting, reading and, most importantly, relaxing.