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the one where they forgot the luggage

We went to River Forest Lodge again for vacation this year. We arrived mid-afternoon and got settled in. Afterwards, I was looking for something that was packed in my luggage and couldn’t find our luggage. As it turns out, we didn’t bring it. Our two bags were sitting in the hall because, as we were getting ready in the morning, we were still packing things in them. No one brought them out to the living room with the other stuff and they got left behind. It went unnoticed because, there was SO MUCH stuff to pack (particularly since we took an extra person, one of Jake’s friends). Luckily, we weren’t so far away that we couldn’t return home to get it. Brian sacrificed his first evening of vacation to drive back home and get our luggage. He’s a keeper. I’m betting we won’t leave our luggage behind again in the future.

That said, with the exception of a group of bikers stopping by to check out the campsite (which I found rather annoying), it was all smooth sailing from that point on. Well, it did rain a lot and was on the cool side, but the guys were able to do a lot of fishing and I was able to do a lot of knitting and reading (though not in the preferred spot of my hammock). We had a wonderful time and the week went by so fast. I did not want to return home.

We took Buster and Alice this year. That experiment was received with mixed reviews. Buster was barkier than I hoped–he didn’t much like it when people would come and go, though his attitude did improve a bit by the end of the week. Alice did not quite have the revival that she usually does, but the old girl is 14…

Besides hanging around the cabin, we did do a couple of other things. We were in town from Saturday-Friday, so we were able to check out the Tionesta Market Village this year (it’s only open on weekends). We also made a trip to the Reiland Farm and Shoppe to check out the animals (and buy yarn!). We stopped in to see one of our clients at the Forest County Visitors Center and took a walk through the fish hatchery while in town. Brian took a 9 mile canoe/fishing trip from Tidioute to our campsite; we also did a short walk on a river trail in Tidioute. Finally, we stopped to check out the Hall Barn while driving around one day.

All in all another excellent and memorable vacation. I’m already planning for next year.