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the agony and the ecstasy

Jake had an ortho appointment yesterday. We’ve been expecting his braces to come off since January, so we were really hoping that this would be it (not that they would be taking them off yesterday, but that he’d be fitted for a retainer and the removal appointment would be scheduled). Typically, his check-up appointments are pretty quick, so I got hopeful because the appointment lasted longer than normal. Jake and the tech eventually emerged and the tech informed me that Jake was fitted for a retainer and would be getting his braces off at the next appointment. Woo!

So, we went to the counter to schedule his next appointment and was told that they could remove the braces in August. August! I blurted out something to the effect that we were expecting the appointment to be sooner (Jake’s cousin recently went through the same thing, at the same place, but it was a two week wait for her), but I was met with a blank look. So, he’s getting them off in August.

I guess the good news is that the date is set and they are coming off for sure (no more “maybes”).